Swedish Fika Tours


  • December-April
  • Estimated time: 2 hrs
  • Participants: 1-4 
  • Included: Shorter sled ride & Swedish fika
  • Price: 900 SEK/ adult, 450 SEK/ children 3-12 yrs

NB: Note that the maximum number of participants may vary depending on how many kids vs. adults you are.

Swedish Fika Tour

The Swedish Fika Tour is a shorter dogsledding experience, suitable for the whole family. You will be sitting as passengers on the sled with a guide steering the dogteam.

Starting out at our kennel, you'll be introduced to our fourlegged family and colleagues: the true stars of this job. You will be offered to take part in the harnessing of the dog team, hooking them up to the sled, before it's time to head out on our tour.

This tour takes you through snowcovered pine forests and frozen mires. If you'd like to, we take the time to snap photos, before heading back to the kennel. 

Back at the kennel we'll take care of the dogs and you'll have time to cuddle with them a little extra. We will also invite you to a Swedish Fika by the campfire, with hot beverage and something sweet. 

NB: We reserve ourselves the right to change the tour route and sometimes the starting point, if the trail conditions require it. If so, you will of course be notified in advance.

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