Who ever said that vacations are for summer and winter only? In fact, we'd like to claim autumn in the north as one of the best and most colourful seasons to enjoy an outdoor adventure in the Scandinavian wilderness! 


Rowdy,  rather muddy and out in all sorts of weather conditions - that's the life of the musher during fall. This is your opportunity to join the Raxeira team during dryland training and get a glimpse of how a sleddog team is built up before the sledding seasion. Are you the type of person who don't mind getting some dirt under your nails, a little extra mud in your face and who enjoys a very hands-on experience? If so, this activity will most likely appeal to you!

Fall training isn't very glamorous or neat, but it will give you a very authentic experience of the huge drive and love for running that a sleddog carries within. You will also learn how to prepare a sleddog team for a run, how to care for them during training and help out with the chores post training. After training there will be time for cuddles and a Swedish Fika. 

Estimated time: 
2 hrs

Included: Swedish Fika & lots of dog cuddles

Price per person: 500 SEK 


During the warmer months of the year when the huskies are resting from running in harness, we spend a lot of time hiking in the lush pine woods. Let us take you along on a hike to the small and beautiful woodland lake Spåntjärn.


We will meet up at our kennel where you get a quick introduction of the dogs, how they life and of our lifestyle. Before we head out for our hike we will supply you with a special walking belt and bungee leash - and of course a dog to take care of.

By Spåntjärn we will take a short break and have a Swedish Fika before it's time to head back to the kennel. 

Please note that small children won't get to have a dog of their own, for safety reasons. Our dogs are trained to walk in front and with a slight pull even when on leash - and they are strong. 

Estimated time: 
2,5 hrs

Included: Swedish fika, hiking belt & lots of dog cuddles

Price: 500 SEK/ adult -- 300 SEK/kids 4-12 years

Booking must be done with a minimum of one day in advance.


Come meet the Raxeira dogs in their home and get a glimpse of the daily life of our huskies and the lifestyle it is to be their musher. You will get a guided tour of the kennel and learn about the breed, the daily routines, the gear and anything else you might be curious about. The more questions you have, the merrier for us! 


Of course, there will be plenty of time to cuddle, take photos and socialize with our very friendly dogs and learn more about their personalities. Sometimes - but only when we have the need of expanding our own pack - there will be puppies in the kennel.

Arranged on request, all year.
Estimated time:
2 hrs

Included: Swedish fika & lots of dog cuddles

Price: 350 SEK/ adult -- 200 SEK/kids 4-12 years

Booking must be done with a minimum of one day in advance.


Who ever said you should never mix business with pleasure? Obviously, they were dead wrong! We think workations are here to stay - and that mixing fun with work is a splendid way of increasing quality of life.

Are you a solo-preneur in need of a sounding board, inspired by skillshares and mastermind sessions? Do you sometimes feel like the life of the solo-preneur gets a little lonely? Then this might just be the perfect thing for you!

So gather a group of colleagues within your network - or let us arrange it alltogether - and get ready for a workation in the nothern wilderness!

Arranged on request - minimum of 2 persons.

Included: Accomodation, breakfast basket, activities of choice.... (Fundera mera)