Fall Training


  • September-November
  • Estimated time:  2-3 hrs
  • Participants: 1-3
  • Included: Swedish fika & lots of dog cuddles. 
  • Price: 700 SEK/adult -- 350 SEK/kids 3-14 yrs

NB: This activity is subject to change due to temperatures, specially in early fall.

Fall Training

Muddy, rather rowdy and through all kinds of weather - that's the life of the musher during fall! Are you a person who doesn't mind getting some dirt under your nails or a little mud in your face? If so, this experience will most likely appeal to you!

This is an opportunity for you to join us during the dryland season and learn more about how sled dogs are built up towards the winter season. Fall training is rarely glamourous or neat, but it will give you a very authentic and real picture of the huge drive and love for running that a sled dog carries within its nature. The love for their job is unmistakable!

This experience will give you the chance to actively participate in the preparations of the team, putting booties and harnesses on. Or perhaps you'd rather stand on the side watching? No worries - do as you like!

Back at the kennel, we'll take care of the athletes with cuddles and massages, as well as giving them a well deserved snack. When the dogs have been taken care of, we will sit down by the campfire to enjoy a hot beverage and the mandatory Swedish Fika.

Would you like to meet the husky athletes backstage?

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