1.0 reservations & bookings

When you make inquiries and/or bookings with us, you will be asked to provide us with certain personal information. This in order for us to be able to prepare your booking confirmaiton, invoices and activities/services that you've asked for. By providing this information, you give consent to In i Norden to use the information as needed. We hold your personal data for in-house purposes only, with the exception of sharing relevant information with our guides and local providers of your experience. This may include personal information such as:

  • Contact details (name, email, address and phone number) to the person who makes the booking request.
  • The number of participants, including their ages - to allow us to calculate the correct pricing and give suitable advice/recommendations.
  • Emergency contacts - in case it's needed.
  • Details regarding allergies or any other special diet for all participants.
  • Informations regarding health conditions and medications that we may need to be aware of, to make preparations or adjustments to create a safe and enjoyable  experience for all parties.
  • Size information such as weight - in order to calculate how many dogs and sleds we may need in order to take your booking.

1.1 personal data

  • When out on tour and activities, we often record or take photos to use on our website and in social media. These photos and film clips are also used in our newsletter, to share with future guests, travel agents, the local tourist information, etc. They can also be used for marketing our products through a third party.
  • Photos and videos where you can be easily identified, will only be used after getting written or verbal consent from you. 

1.2 newsletter

  • If you sign up or consent to be added to our newsletter list, you will recieve quarterly newsletters by e-mail from us. You are free to unsubscribe at any time - just follow the instructions at the bottom of every newsletter e-mail. 

  • Your contact details will never be shared with a third party for marketing purposes or any other purposes.

1.3 what payment details does in i norden collect?

  • If you make your payment by bank transfer, none of your account or card details will be shown to us. If you make payments using Swish, the only information In i Norden may see is your name and phone number. These will not be shared to a third party.
  • In case of a refund, we may request your bank account details in order to be able to arrange the money transfer. These details will be deleted directly thereafter.

    1.4 this website uses cookies

    By continuing to use our website, you agree to our use of cookies. Cookies are small files that are placed on your computer when you visit a website. They can be used by websites for many different purposes, such as remembering your login details when you visit again or remembering the contents of your shopping cart when you buy a product online. We don’t use cookies of this kind, but we do use cookies such as for Google Analytics and Facebook snippets to collect data on how visitors at our website behave, click on and have search for to find our website.

    To improve the experience of visiting our site, we use plugins from other websites in certain parts of the site. These are:

    • Facebook - to share posts from In i Nordens Facebook page
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