2 Days Husky Hike


  • May-September
  • Estimated time: 2 days
  • Included: Accomodation, food for both days, hiking gear & a guide
  • Price: 2750 SEK/ adult -- 1350 SEK/kids 4-12 years

Booking must be done with a minimum of three days in advance.


Join us on two days of hiking and explore the Nordic wilderness together with our friendly huskies. Decide for yourself if you'd enjoy a night under the stars - or prefer the option to stay in one of our cozy cabins at the kennel. 

DAY 1 

10 AM - arrival at the kennel. 

We will start the day with a short tour of the kennel facilities where you get to meet the huskies and then have a walk-through of the programme. If you've chosen the option to stay in one of our cabins, we will give you time to get accomodated.

Before we head out for our hike we will choose a dog for every person and show you how the hiking belts work. This dog will be yours to care for over the two days. And then it's time to hike!

During the summer, the mires and lush forests of the north are filled with sweet wild berries such as blueberries, lingon berry, cranberry and cloudberries. The nature is filled with vibrant wildlife - and we'll be happy to tell you about it. 

We will stop for lunch and a mandatory Swedish Fika, which we'll enjoy out in nature. If you've chosen to stay at the cabins, we will then start heading home again, to enjoy a dinner that we cook together over open fire. If you've instead chosen to spend the night camping under the stars, we will carry on hiking towards our campsite for the night where we will cook dinner over the campfire together.


After a good night's rest we will enjoy breakfast together, with freshely brewed coffee/tea by the fire. The gear will be packed up and we will start our hiking journey back to the kennel. However, if you've stayed the night in our cabins, we will prepare for a new hiking route over the day.

Mid-day we will take a well-deserved break and cook lunch outdoors. As always it will be accompanied by the mandatory Swedish Fika. 

We expect to be back at the kennel roughly around 15 PM, where we'll take care of the dogs and wrap up our two days of hiking together. 

Would you enjoy an adventure in tougher terrain? Add that in your booking request -- adventures can be tailored.

Please note that small children won't get to have a dog of their own, for safety reasons. Our dogs are trained to walk in front and with a slight pull even when on leash - and they are strong. Tour lenghts and difficulty can be adjusted to smaller kids.


Perhaps you're wondering if we can tailor an activity according to your needs? Share your thoughts with us!