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Sweet Kit Walker - probably the kindest soul that has ever walked upon this earth. One of our most common guest favourites; as his gentle and affectionate personality usually hits home with everyone - even the ones who are usually a bit careful around dogs. Kit is the oldest dog in the Raxeira pack and nowadays retired from the main running team.  He used to be the main command leader and a very routined one with merits from both races and the show ring. These days, however, Kit spends his day being the wise mentor to younger dogs and puppies - and of course, chilling in the sofa. 

SALLY (2016)


Sally, Sally - oh, sweet Sally. This girl used to give Nicole many grey hairs as a youngster with her endless mischiefs such as escaping the dog yard and chasing everything that moves. Sally is an expert escape artist, but nowadays when she's a little older and calmer, she settles with only jumping out of the dog yard once it's time for training -- just to make sure she is not forgotten! 

Sally is a friendly, highly intelligent and social female who loves to work. She is independent, yet interested in human interaction - and a very easygoing dog most of the time. However, she's a total workaholic, which is much noticed even on normal walkies where her intensity and drive as a working dog often takes over.  

SANTI (2018)


Santi is a pretty complete working dog, if you'd ask Nicole. He is gentle, soft and wise beyond his young age - a wonderful dog to have within a pack and specially around youngsters and puppies. It seems he was born with diplomatic social skills, always striving to keep peace and harmony around him. Also, Santi looooves backrubs! He will often come and sit by you, with his back facing you; this is him saying "hey, human - rub my back!"

In the team he runs in every position, but mostly in wheel due to his power or in lead due to his will-to-please and great work ethics. This is a beautiful husky with a majestic look along with a lovely personality that steals hearts - and he has a flying trott that covers a lot of ground. 

Brother to Cora.

ASKA (2018)


Cuddlebug Aska is by far the most vocal dog in the pack - it is pretty much impossible not to distinguish her voice amongst the others. You will understand what that means when you meet her. She is a kind, social young lady who loves human attention and she specially loves to hug people by putting her paws on their shoulders. The downside to Aska is her insecurities around other females - and the separation anxiety that sometimes flares up within her. 

This is a real powerhouse in the running team! She is strong and enduring, with great work ethics -- therefor often used in wheel position. During 2021 she also started the Raxeira "lead dog school" where she has been excelling greatly, proving herself to be really reliable with commands.

DÉJÀ (2017)


Déjà is one of the most intense dogs in the Raxeira kennel; something that is extra noticable in the running team. She is gentle and soft with humans, with a slightly timid side to her. She enjoys calm cuddles and long moments of standing with her forehead pressed to her human. This is an explosive girl with lots of power and she often seems to be flying forwards when playing in the free running area.

In the running team, Déjà will most often run in wheel or team position. She is hardworking and eager - the type that rarely finds it useful to take a break. 

PIRO (2019)


Piro is perhaps the biggest personality of the kennel. He is goofy, vocal and humorous, crazy energetic and playful -- and there's no doubt that this boy is an affectionate one. He loves to run and play chase with the other dogs, as much as he loves chilling out on the sofa. 

Much like his mom, Piro has a huge will-to-please, drive and is very focused on humans. This makes it very easy to collaborate with him and during his first season in harness (despite being convalecent for a good while due to surgery), he has shown that there's a future leaddog within him. He is pretty uncomplicated in harness; he just wants to run! 

Son of Surprise and brother of Neira.



Surprise is one of the eternal guest favourites on the kennel due to her big, bubbly and affectionate personality. She is the second oldest dog in the pack, socially wise and calm in many ways, but she has the energy of a youngster. This is one of the Raxeira main command leaders in the running team; with her high will-to-please and work ethics, Surprise is a very reliable dog to put in front of the team. The best things in the world, if you ask her, would be cuddles, food and running. 

Surprise is the mom of Piro and Neira.

RATCHEL (2015)


Ratchel - most known as Rackarn - is a real darling. This is a soft, calm and gentle dog with lots of personality and humour who loves to snuggle up to people. She will often kind of melt into your lap, like a ragdoll. Great with kids and people that are a bit insecure around dogs. It's easy to tell she is the niece of Kit's.

Ratchel works in all positions of the running team and is a very versatile dog. She is a great command leader - but prefers running in point where she doesn't have to take full responsibility over the team. Not the fastest dog in the team, but one who knows how to distribute her energy so that she  always has powers left on longer runs.

CORA (2018)


Cora is the shy, playful and wild girl in the Raxeira pack. She is curious, yet very selective with the people she let into her personal sphere - the type of individual who's trust you need to earn. However, behind that timid exterior she has a heart of gold and a confidence in harness that far exceeds her age. You will most often see her racing with the youngest dogs in the play area, feinting the others with her impressive flexibility, making herself impossible to catch.

This is a natural born leaddog - clever, driven and ambitious.  She always strives to do her very best in harness, no matter the weather conditions. Cora may look small, but she has a tough working head, great agility and lots of speed in her body.

Sister to Santi.

LUMI (2016)


Watch out for this one if you don't like kisses! Lumi is a highly social dog who loves attention and most of all, he loves to passionately kiss humans almost as much as he loves food. This is one friendly goofball, for sure, and it is easy to tell that he is a half cousin to Surprise, Piro and Neira.

Lumi runs in all positions in the team. Quite intense in start-ups, but very easygoing during runs. You never have to worry about him coming loose, because this dog loyally just stays with the team and his humans.

DUNDER (2020)


Dunder is the youngster of the Raxeira kennel; fun-loving, clever and full of mischief. This boy has a mind of his own, plays rough and is very independent, yet he is soft and gentle.

He started his rookie season in the winter of 2021, so he's yet to run a full season in training -- but so far he is looking very promising! Dunder is a real power house and has a lot of drive, that is for sure. 

NEIRA (2019)


Neira is one affectionate and clever girl - but she has a more timid side to her than her brother Piro and a higher integrity. This is a small female that loves to run and play wildly, with an agility that really leaves you speechless sometimes. Neira is a bit more selective with "her" humans, but if she loves you there will be no doubts about it. This girl wants to crawl under the skin of people she loves; she just cannot come close enough. 

Neira has been a little bit of a late bloomer in the team; she has a lot of drive and ambition -- and there's no doubt there is a little leaddog in there somewhere, but she's needed a lot of time and patience to find emotional balance as a youngster. Therefor she's mainly run her first season in small teams up until 3-4 dogs. But we're confident there's still a lot left to her that we haven't seen yet!

Daughter of Surprise and sister to Piro.